[ conférence ] Citizenship: resolving tensions. Cumulus, Paris. 12 avril 2018

Together, we aim to debate on and look for answers to the societal issues at stake in the current state of our economically and ecologically over-saturated world. Citizenship will serve as a guideline in our approach to educational and social practices committed to envisioning the future of design, of the city, and of the planet. We propose a collective reflection on the notion of individual responsibility for all stakeholders – designers, architects, sociologists, urban planners – in order to find solutions to create new patterns of life.

Three languages:
• Together : For education and transmission
• Together : Towards a new participative and collaborative approach
• Together : Towards social ecology as a concrete objective in offering future generations “feasible utopias” which are effective.

Three guidelines for resolving conflicts:
• To get “where”? The question of mobility.
• To get “where”? Redefining growth.
• To get “where”? Towards the creation of new systems.

Moderators :
• Isabelle SINCLAIR (Ensaama)

Panelists :
• Jean ATTALI (architect and philosopher, ENSAPLV)
• Nawal BAKOURI (founder of a social design platform)
• Virginie NICOLAS (urban lighting engineer – Concepto)
• Marine ROYER (designer and lecturer at Nîmes University)

Programme (PDF)

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